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Announcement | 2021/08/08

Second KIM Burn event

The second KIM Burn event held successfully after the latest Burn.

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Announcement | 2021/07/30

New experienced and skilled marketing team

With the support of our new experienced and skilled marketing team, we have become more socially active

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Announcement | 2021/07/09

Thank you to all investors

Thank you to all investors. Your commitment to the project is greatly appreciated.

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Announcement | 2021/07/08

First KIM Summer Burn

Early This Morning, King Money burned a total of 3,020,000 KIM, equivalent to approximately $550,000,000 Euro worth of coins.

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Announcement | 2021/06/29

Great July

King Money has a productive month in July. Thanks to the technical support provided by KingMoney's team, KingMoney and its investors are going to enjoy July.

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