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About us

Since Satoshi released the Bitcoin whitepaper, the world has changed for good. We were introduced to a new era and everyone started to use this new technology and apply it to problems they faced before and look for solutions. Many projects started and most of them failed. Some became a sudden success that took the market by storm and some became a late bloomer as they slowly grew and became a useful tool in whatever way they were intended to be.
KingMoney is no different from all above. It started as a cryptocurrency for global network marketing and quickly caught the attention of some investors and many people started to trade or hold it. But now, we want to extend the uses of this coin.
KingMoney started as a fork of bitcoin, along with some changes that tunes it for its own purpose. KingMoney (current version) uses PoW consensus algorithm and The mining algorithm is sha256, similar to bitcoin, and it is possible to mine by ASIC.