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Announcement | 2021/09/05

King Money Airdrop Campaign

Kingmoney will give away free WKIM tokens to eligible users. This Free air drop worth ~5000$ in Wkim tokens.

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Announcement | 2021/08/28

Kingmoney v2.0 White Paper

After a long and challenging process, we are pleased to announce the new whitepaper release.

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Announcement | 2021/09/12

Wrapped KingMoney has been successfully deployed

Wrapped KingMoney has been successfully deployed on the Ethereum blockchain this morning. Congratulations to all holders and investors.

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Announcement | 2021/08/19

White Paper Update

The King Money Project's White Paper will be updated and made public on August 28, 2021.

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Announcement | 2021/08/14

KingMoney ERC20 Token

We are coming up with KingMoney ERC20 Wrapped Token.

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