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Business | 2020/08/03

Edasen, Mining in More Effeicient Way

Mining in More Effeicient Way, Less Power and Less Hardwares.

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Announcement | 2020/07/08

Mining KingMoney...

We are pleased to announce mining will be available to all users in the last week of july

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Business | 2020/05/27

The KingMoney Legal Opinion

The KingMoney legal opinion under United States and Singapore Laws.

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Business | 2020/03/13

KingMoney, Now Enlisted in CoinMarketCap!

Congratulations on the KingMoney Digital Currency Enlisting at the CoinMarketCap Website!!

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Business | 2020/02/17

KIM Now in Vindax!

You can trade KingMoney In VINDAX now.

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