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Announcement | 2021/09/12

Wrapped KingMoney has been successfully deployed

Wrapped KingMoney has been successfully deployed on the Ethereum blockchain this morning. Congratulations to all holders and investors.

Token contract address is : 0x6e9fe390ebb23138de4ea6949d0898577de0a860
The Backup Kingmoney coin Address is : 2PPdRKR6dDTQcyqSKA9MNJ2CXcYvd17q8K in which We hold the same amount of minted tokens.

MetaMask and TrustWallet and other ERC20 compatible wallets now support WKIM. Therefore, you can store your tokens with your favorite wallet.

Moreover, WKIM is DEX-friendly and has been listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange and is now available for buying, selling and trading. You can also find the right market on UtByte exchange.

Soon, WKIM will be listed on more exchanges and DEXes. Lastly, stay tuned since we will have a free airdrop in the coming days.