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Announcement | 2021/05/06

Mining in more efficient way

Last year, after the introduction of the Edasen App for participating in King Money mining using the investment method, it had a return about 50% for investors. In this regard, and to increase the possibility of public use of this application, a new version of it has been released for Windows desktop computers.
In this new version, if the volume invested in the Miner’s account remains untouched, it will have an amount of 1% per month more income for the investor. In this case, after 5 months, 5% more income can be received compared to a new user. In addition to the monthly increase in mine bonuses in the new version, by introducing a new user, you can also receive 10% of their mine bonuses directly. The points and rewards attained will not be calculated if the investments are withdrawn prior to 6 months of investment in order to increase the return and the possibility of presenting more rewards. Finally, it should be repeated that the amount of reward received depends on three factors: processing speed, investment and participation time.