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Business | 2020/03/13

KingMoney, Now Enlisted in CoinMarketCap!

Congratulations on the KingMoney Digital Currency Enlisting at the CoinMarketCap Website!!
The CoinMarketCap website is the largest and most prestigious cryptocurrency inquiry, statistics and pricing reference in the world. Only 5100 digital currencies have been officially accepted and approved after their expert reviews. It is worth noting that this website is the main source of all the world's cryptocurrency exchanges. KingMoney was officially approved and enlisted after months of working and completing the required documentation on 12 March 2020 and began its operation on the above website . It can be said that reaching this stage is the main goal and dream of all the cryptocurrencies in the world. It should be noted that the prestigious KingMoney currency gained rank 2100 on the first day of its registration at the CoinMarketCap website. We have targeted KingMoney to be one of the high-ranked currencies in the world as powerful crypto. The CoinMarketCap has formally stated that KingMoney Coin is an internationally renowned currency. We were aware how important it is to take good care of users’ satisfaction from the very beginning. Therefore, we would like to promise you that we are not going to stop! You can refer to our page in coinmarketcap by clicking on the below link.