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Business | 2019/10/22

Is it Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing or Cryptocurrency MLM?

Who doesn’t love Bitcoin right now?
When I began internet marketing in 2011, my name was Erik Narcissist. Yes, last name “Narcissist,” because I was a musician who played alternative music and wanted a large alter-ego, like Eminem’s “Slim Shady.” Well, that didn’t work out too well, and neither did my ebooks during the Amazon ebook bubble/craze either. Enter: Network Marketing in 2014. I quickly learned, but didn’t want to admit it, that network marketers were essentially extroverts who “networked” with a lot of people and you had to learn a lot of “objection-handling” skills. As an introvert, I decided that instead of learning how to tolerate people more than I possibly could already, that I would just spam my opportunity links all over social media instead. Again, you probably guessed, that I bombed at network marketing. The last thing I want to do is get on a Skype call until 2 AM with a new distributor who doesn’t know how to upload their face to Facebook. I had tried Affiliate Marketing before, which is like network marketing without the networking, and always had loved the concept. As an introvert, I took to Affiliate Marketing because you simply promoted a product and when you sold a product that was it! There was no team building, cheerful shoutouts with emojis on Facebook, and no midnight phone calls and three-way calls. With Affiliate Marketing, you could “scale” up your advertising because you could see a clear conversion rate, unlike network marketing, where the failure rate was 97%. Now, I had to find an Affiliate Marketing platform that still had the residual income power of network marketing. Enter: iCoin Pro, first ever cryptocurrency training platform with a network marketing component. iCoin Pro essentially offers training for cryptocurrencies. If you wanted to learn everything about Bitcoin and other altcoins and share this education with others, you could promote iCoin Pro. Since iCoin Pro is essentially a “digital education product” I feel that there is no need to treat it like a traditional MLM, meaning no more hand holding the people who will quit in a month anyways. It’s also a truly digital product, which means it can be accessed in any country in the world, unlike MLM physical products that get stuck in customs or seized by corrupt governments. You can also join iCoin pro using Bitcoin and you can get paid in Bitcoin or regular money. For more info on iCoin Pro, watch the free video through the link: Thank you for reading! Sincerely, Erik Christian Johnson